I like The Red Chord. A whole lot. So do Long Island's Drowned Sorrow. On their first official EP Fittings at the Coffin Shop, Drowned Sorrow synthesize many of the same metal-, grind- and deathcore elements as THC, but the similarities run deeper than genre signifiers. Both bands respect their listeners enough to keep them pummeled, embodied and slightly off-kilter at all times. Groove is rarely absent from Fittings, and unexpected guitar leads, tempo changes and textures abound. Some songs could use more transitional finesse, but a song like "Deception Waves Hello" invalidates its songwriting seams through sheer burliness. This EP was written for the high-minded pit-o-phile, not the stay-at-home grindcore fan.

Drowned Sorrow's wildcard is Dan Roberts, a vocalist who never met a trebly tic he wasn't willing to indulge. Roberts has a hardcore bark that would make his NYHC scenesmates proud, an abrasive tenor scream, a weak death metal growl and the occasional mid-song spoken phrase (my favorite of his hardcore Barry White-isms: "Being damned is not an honor / Yet you bring the confetti"). He deploys all of them, always. The constant switching is impressive enough from a technical standpoint and sounds smoothly integrated. It's also more distracting than commanding. For a band whose sound already has so much going on, I don't need any distractions.

The difference between having genius in metal and giving the world a colossal shit filled clusterfuck... is one very fine line indeed. That is such a fine line, that many bands have fallen and disappeared because they cannot hold the balance. That elusive ‘fine line’ has been found in the musical vision and complexity of a Long Island NY based band called Drowned Sorrow.

This is a band that really has incorporated almost every extreme music style into what they do. The base of their sound is this very primal version of Death Metal...and then add in shades of intense Hardcore, wicked Thrash, teeth gnashing Grind, shadings of meaty Crustcore and some others extreme music as well... and they all seem to take root and create a living entity that cannot be stopped now. They walk that fine line like a high wire act over Niagra Falls...with as much balls as they could muster.

Blistering guitars and insane drumming fly through every last second of the album like a hungry flying lizard in the Jurassic period. Aggression fueled vocals just add in to the mix so wonderfully. It is all combined and what you have is music that explodes like a hundred pounds of TNT... quite an accomplishment from a very young band.

This is an album that will be looked at for a long time and people will learn from them. Drowned Sorrow should take pride in their bombastic work. This is a hell of a great album, and I for one can’t wait to hear the next CD when it comes out. A little bit of maturing is needed for the band to grow naturally, that will maker sure that Drowned Sorrow will be in the elite leagues of metal in no time.

Categorical Rating Breakdown

Atmosphere: 9
Production: 8.5
Originality: 9
Overall: 9

Rating: 9.0 out of 10

Take your definitions of aggression and intensity, turn them up ten notches, and maybe then you're ready for Drowned Sorrow's new EP Fittings at the Coffin Shop. It only takes the album's six songs to tear you apart and wear you out, but in the "this cd f*cking rules" sort of way. Dan Roberts' screams and guttural drive the band's sound, while melodic breakdowns give the listener a few seconds to breathe with the band's skilled frontman.

The EP's material deals with the stark realities of life as it wasn't obvious with the album name. ("Receiving Presents at a Funeral") is a standout track, with its metallic riffs, constant screams and brief distinguished singing. This latest work from Drowned Sorrow is one of the heavier and better sounds out of the Long Island scene.

-Melaine Wolfson

Expectations, like rules, were made to be broken. In the case of music reviewing, there are two types of expectations when it comes down to new bands; the kind of music they play and the quality of the music. With a name like Drowned Sorrow I actually had pretty low expectations. I typically dislike monikers that have figurative meanings. You know, sorrow can’t be drowned, only in figure of speech. This entails certain romanticism or abstractism, which is put in evidence via song titles like “Alabama Come Clean”, “Deception Waves Hello” and “We’ve Contracted Death, Visit Often”. Quality-wise, Long Island’s Drowned Sorrow exceeded my expectations by far. Their first recording Fittings at the Coffin Shop is a bit over spastic, yes, excesses can exist in the most absurd of music genres and Drowned Sorrow exemplifies this, but these beardos have the chops and that’s undeniable. Drowned Sorrow shows that they can play what they want so this is a fine card of presentation, it is just a matter of shedding some of the excesses and focusing on more quality songs.

Wow! I was totally floored when first listening to this CD. DROWNED SORROW are set out to beat the hell out of their listeners. Their music is fast paced, aggressive, spastic & brilliant. These guys make a big racket, but it is well constructed racket. I love how the music is all over the place through out the whole album. Intense Death Metal merges with harsh Hardcore with touches of Grindcore, Crust, Thrash & more. They have many levels to their sound. They take you through some slow passages, but then ram your face into some heavy, brutal insane chaos. The vocals of course follow the music, which helps take their music to another level. Blend together DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, SHAI HALUD, BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, THE FACELESS & JOB FOR A COWBOY to get a close resemblance of what DROWNED SORROW has to offer!